Warning Signs Of Engine Failure

Warning Signs Of Engine Failure One Must Not Ignore

Warning signs of engine failure one must not ignore

It is often compared that an engine is similar to the human heart. Maintaining a good engine life is pivotal to a long and healthy vehicle life which is not just attained by using the right engine oil but also by maintaining it. If the engine of your vehicle is damaged it can affect its performance, and ignoring it most often results in engine damage or very expensive repairs at the service center.

Below is a quick list of 9 warning signs of engine failure one must not ignore.

  1. Check Engine light: Every vehicle dashboard will have a ‘check engine light’ which illuminates when the vehicle’s computers sense some trouble with the engine. If you see this light on, getting your vehicle to the service center should be a priority to reduce engine damage.

2. Engine Overheating: most modern vehicles have an engine temperature gauge on the dashboard that indicates the optimum running temperature of the vehicle. If the gauge indicator needle is moving towards the hotter end could mean your engine is malfunctioning and the overheating could seize the engine itself.

3. Engine Oil level: When the low engine oil indicator of your vehicle is illuminated it means that your engine is running low on oil and that could mean the engine components could generate more friction and cause your vehicle to come to a grinding halt.

4. Loss of Power: A tell-tale warning sign of engine damage is the sudden loss of power. This might be a significant or minor loss depending on the extent of the engine damage. Even a small change in power can indicate engine damage and can worsen with time.

5. Drop-In Fuel Efficiency: A car’s fuel efficiency is a great guideline to know what to expect from your vehicle. If you notice a significant drop in your vehicle’s fuel efficiency or are noticing that you suddenly need more fuel stops than regular, it could mean engine trouble and should be checked by a mechanic.

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6. Rough Running or Engine stalls: These could be more distressing signs of engine failure and could be an indicator of severe engine damage and might need more immediate attention. That said it could be repaired by a mechanic if brought to him in due time.

7. Smoking engine: An obvious sight for engine failure is smoke emitting from the hood of your vehicle. This could be of a broken gasket leaking oil or could be from various fluids being burned or even oil leaking onto the spark plugs. The color of smoke can determine where the problem could lie. Either way one must not take this warning sign lightly.

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8. Oil Spots: Generally speaking, oil should always be inside the engine of a vehicle. If you spot oil under the vehicle when parked overnight or in the engine bay it could mean engine trouble for the future as your vehicle is losing the oil it needs for proper functioning.

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9. Concerning Noise: Aside from the performance-related warning signs or the more visual signs, another common sign could be a knocking noise coming from under the hood of your vehicle. If you hear odd thumping, squeaking, or grinding noises from under the hood of your vehicle take this as a very serious warning sign for engine failure.

Catching the warning signs from your engine early on can be extremely important not just to save your money but also could be the difference between saving an engine and a seized engine. It’s always a good habit to keep an eye and an ear out for these warning signs from your vehicle’s engine to avoid failure.

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