How To Increase Cng Car Mileage

How to improve the mileage of your CNG car?

For a vehicle owner (commercial or private), mileage is of vital importance. More mileage means more savings/profits. Depending on the technology, a CNG powered car can give half as much mileage as a litre of a petrol variant. CNG engines use compressed natural gas (CNG), instead of petrol or diesel, to power the vehicle. They are cheaper, more efficient and environment-friendly. Therefore, they are prefered by owners of private as well as commercial vehicles.

If you own a CNG car, then here are 5 tips that will help you increase the mileage further.

Tip 1. Regularly clean air filter

CNG is much lighter than air, and a dirty air filter soaked in contaminants will not allow it to pass smoothly. Therefore, ensure that the car’s filter is clean enough for the air-fuel ratio to remain ideal and have good efficiency.

Get the filter checked regularly by a professional and replace it every 5000 km.

Tip 2. Maintain tyre pressure

The four tyres are the only contact between your vehicle and the road. Driving on an incorrect tyre pressure increases friction between the tyres and the road. This friction puts pressure on the engine, which results in higher fuel consumption. Therefore, it is important to check tyre pressure frequently, especially in too cold and too hot conditions as well as after a drive.

Driving with a recommended tyre pressure makes a positive impact on your auto’s mileage.

Tip 3. Check the Car Clutch

A car clutch is a friction disc installed inside the car’s transmission. A worn-out clutch might reduce the car mileage significantly since it prevents the engine power from being transferred to the wheels, which results in low efficiency and fuel waste. Therefore, you should ensure that your clutch is in good condition.

Use the best transmission fluid that makes transmission smoother and protects it. Keep checking this lubricant often and regularly change the transmission filter.

Tip 4. Check for gas leak

Micro leaks often go undetected. Therefore, you must be alert about gas smells. Gas leakage, even a minor one, can drastically bring your car’s mileage down, not to mention the safety hazard. Install a gas detector to ensure that your CNG kit is 100% leak-free.

Tip 5. Get a quality spark-plug

The ignition temperature of a CNG vehicle is higher than that of a petrol car. Therefore, CNG cars need a strong spark plug to ignite. A good quality spark plug will ensure the gas fuel-air mixture ignites completely and the fuel is not left unburned.

It results in higher CNG kit mileage. Along with the quality, ensure that the spark plug has the same code and heat range as prescribed by the carmaker. Replace the spark plugs for every 15000 or 20000 km with a new one. Always get it inspected by an expert when you go to servicing your car.

With regular maintenance, use of the best engine oil and good care, your CNG car will perform better, run longer and take you that extra mile.

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