How To Increase Mileage Of Petrol Car

petrol car

How to get maximum mileage from your petrol car?

A country obsessed with ‘kitna deti hai’ drives with only one thing in their minds – achieving the best possible mileage. But when it comes to petrol cars, achieving maximum fuel mileage is always a challenge. Compared to a diesel-powered engine, petrol variants are not that efficient. Even the on-road mileage of a petrol engine is not on par with the claimed ARAI mileage of the manufacturer. Today, when petrol prices are skyrocketing every day, maintaining the fuel economy is the need of the hour.

petrol car

To help you with the task, we share some tips that will help you squeeze the best possible mileage out of your car. Read on!

Go easy with the accelerator

To reach the higher torque range, drivers of petrol cars tend to go rough with their accelerators-resulting in more fuel consumption. To gain maximum fuel efficiency, one needs to be very gentle with their car. Drive with just about 20% accelerator input at the most, and don’t put much effort into pressing the accelerators if not necessary. Instead, use the gears to gain momentum.

Pick the optimal torque range

Maximum fuel economy comes at peak torque – This is a popular myth about mileage believed by many. It is partially correct when driving at cruising speed. Instead, keep the speed constant when driving in a city or highway. Doing so will help the engine put less effort to accelerate or decelerate unnecessarily and reduce fuel consumption.

Be careful with the braking

Avoid braking hard and quickly because it consumes a lot of fuel. Instead, anticipate your stops early and free the accelerator. Doing this will activate the fuel overrun cut-off function, and fuel will be saved.

Use quality engine oil and lubricants 

If the engine experiences the presence of contaminants and friction, it will use more fuel to keep itself functioning. Using the best engine oil and Lubricants will ensure that the engine is free from contaminants and friction, and uses optimum fuel to function. Also, make sure that you only use the manufacturer-recommended engine oil grade and nothing else.

quality engine oil and lubricants

Stop the engine at long idle

It is wise to switch off the engine to save fuel if you face an idle time longer than a minute. Petrol cars can easily be switched off when they come to an idle state. However, if the stop is less than a minute, you should not do the same since the energy it takes to start the engine will consume more than you can save.

switch off the engine to save fuel

Keep your engine tuned

It goes without saying that an ill-maintained car will not give good fuel economy. Ensure that your car is maintained regularly – get the lubricants, air filter, fuel filter and spark plugs checked regularly and replace if necessary.

Keep your tyres inflated

Keep your tyres inflated

Tyres with low pressure put pressure on the car’s engine, which in turn consumes fuel to keep the engine running as desired. Keep the tyre inflated with recommended PSI to save fuel.

Maintaining the car well and using proper driving techniques go a long way in helping you achieve good mileage and save up on the fuel cost.

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