Everything You Need to Know About Car Safety

Everything You Need to Know About Car Safety

‘New car!’
It’s almost as if you can already smell the fresh scent of your newly purchased car upon hearing those words. There’s something about the drive back home from the showroom  in your very own brand new car, isn’t it?
The idea of purchasing a new vehicle brings to a mind a vivid string of things and considerations such as cost of ownership, mileage, engine longevity, car model, size, colour and add-ons, among others. Undeniably though, one of the most important characteristics that underpins one’s decision while picking a suitable fit has got to be the safety features offered by a car. Here is all you need to know about car safety that maximises the performance and efficiency of your car:

Things to keep a check On:

Brake Pads
Properly functioning brake pads are an integral part of your car’s braking system. Thin and worn out brake pads prevent your car from halting with the same efficiency when hitting the brake pedal. Sometimes the environment, duration and type of usage leads to wear and friction, causing brakes to make a squeaky sound, indicating a lack of good quality automotive grease. Therefore, it is very important to check your brake pads and brake fluid reservoir regularly.

Transmission & Gear Box
Whether you have an automatic or manual transmission system in your car it is very important for it to be in working order. If your transmission freezes or ceases, your vehicle will not move forward and will result in an exorbitant repair cost. Ensuring that your transmission fluid is always at the right level and is changed periodically is important for you to shift gears smoothly, without any impediments. The colour of the transmission fluid is also indicative of its health; it should always be red. Black fluid suggests that your vehicle needs a transmission flush and the fluid changed. Similarly, you should also check your gearbox and ensure you change your gear oil when required.

Transmission & Gear Box

Importance of Airbags:
Simply put, airbags save lives! They are a very imperative passive safety feature of a car.  They provide cushioning to the driver and passenger in case of a car collision. Both front and side airbags mitigate the probability of fatality as the system deploys them instantaneously, upon a car crash.

Importance of Airbags

Importance of an Emergency Kit:
Apart from that, an emergency kit for your car is equally vital. Items such as a first-aid kit, spare tire and jack, floodlights, toolbox, a car fire extinguisher, extra washer fluid, a no-spill can for any spare automotive fluid you might need for the road, especially if it’s a long drive. Lastly, what’s a drive without a few handy bags of snacks and bottles of water? Throw those in too.

Importance of an Emergency Kit

But hey, don’t forget to adjust your side and rear view mirrors, and driver’s seat position, check your headlights and horn, and of course, strap on your seatbelt before heading out each time. With those tips in mind, here’s hoping that you have the most exhilarating experience and the safest journey every time!

Adjust your side and rear view mirrors,

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