Best engine oil for your BS6 compliant automobile

Best Engine Oil For Your BS6 Compliant Automobile

How to determine the best engine oil for your BS6 compliant automobile?

With time, technology has improved exponentially. The automobile industry has witnessed a massive boom in the last few years. A significant change that is coming into play is the transition from BS4 to BS6 technology. BS6 compliant engines will only support the best engine oil – a different kind of fuel, which happens to have 5 times lower Sulphur traces in it as compared to BS4 grade fuels. Similarly, the Nitrogen Oxide levels for the BS6 diesel engine and petrol engine will be brought down by 70% and 25%, respectively.

How will bike owners benefit from this transition?

Bikes of higher CC have turbocharged engines, bigger catalytic converters, and a multiple cylinder engine, leading to higher engine RPM, which means that the engine is:

  • burning more fuel,
  • allowing larger engine displacement,

thereby increasing the bike’s torque and power.

However, burning more fuel means that an excess of hazardous waste is being released into the atmosphere. To counteract this, while simultaneously letting you enjoy the privileges of a higher CC bike, BS6 engines ensure a major decrease in Carbon Monoxide emissions, so you can ride with more power without damaging the ecosystem.

What happens when you use a low grade engine oil for a bike of high cubic capacity?

Not using the recommended engine oil for bikes directly impacts the engine. It results in:-

  • Decreased lubrication causes engine damage and creates friction within different parts of the engine.
  • The complex chambers and converters yield extreme engine temperatures, which most oils aren’t made to endure, leading to elevated engine oil temperatures.
  • The high temperatures further cause an increase in oxidation and deposit formation on the engine.
  • Since low grade oil is unable to put up with the high load and pressure being exerted on the engine, an alarming level of engine oil shearing i.e., loss in viscosity is witnessed, rendering the oil inefficient.
  • Accelerated oil oxidation and nitration lead to reduction in oil drainage intervals and together all these factors severely affect the functioning of the imagine, depriving one of the ideal motorbiking experience.

Thus, in layman’s terms  – higher CC bikes demand robust performance engine oil .

Now, let’s dive into what exactly BS6 technology is!

Bikes that are BS6 compliant have an electronically controlled fuel injection system that allows for extremely precise control over how much fuel is sprayed into the cylinders. This system calls for a  fuel pressure regulator that has an obvious understanding of how much fuel to let through to the injectors via a signal from the mass airflow sensor (MAF). This sensor tracks how much air is entering the engine at any given point of time.

BS6 engines also make use of three way catalytic converters that handle 3 main functions, simultaneously:

  • Conversion of Carbon Monoxide to Carbon Dioxide.
  • Conversion of Hydrocarbons to C02 and water.
  • Conversion of Nitrogen Oxide to Nitrogen.

These conversions reduce harmful elements to elements that the environment accepts with more ease, thereby reducing the hazardous emissions making the engine more fuel efficient.

However, phosphorous based oils are very damaging to the sensitive three way catalytic converter and can poison it. Hence, it’s crucial to use motor oil of the perfect chemistry for BS6 engines.

So is there a perfect oil for BS6 compliant bikes?

The answer is, yes.

The Divyol Spin 4T SYNTH 10W50 is a carefully formulated, fully synthetic engine oil formula for bikes with higher CC [250CC and beyond]. This formula takes care of your bike’s needs like no other.

  • It regulates the temperature resulting in higher oxidation stability and a considerable volatility reduction.
  • Boasting higher shear stability, it manages to maintain uniform viscosity, while providing superior protection to the engine against wear and tear.
  • Better viscometry promotes powerful engine cooldown and reduces the pressure off the engine when starting, ensuring better fuel economy.
  • Possessing viscosity grade SAE 10W-50, its strong film thickness ensues protection of engine parts, making it the perfect fit for your two-wheeler.

But what about heavy duty vehicles? Do they support BS6 engines?

Yes, heavy duty vehicles support BS6 technology as well. The changes in heavy vehicles engine from BS4 to BS6 are as follows:

    • Better engine combustion, due to controlled fuel injection pressure and temperature regulation.
    • Higher fuel efficiency.
    • Revised and improved engine management due to better electronic control and on-board diagnostics.
    • Technologically advanced after-treatment devices for exceptional treatment of exhaust gas. These devices include:
      • Exhaust Gas Circulator (EGR):
        This sends back the exhaust gases to the combustion chamber to reduce NOx formation by lowering the peak engine temperature.
      • Selective Catalyst Reductor (SCR):
        This allows the NOx emissions to breakdown into Nitrogen and water by making use of an aqueous urea solution.
      • Diesel Particulate FIlter (DPF):
        This captures and stores exhaust soot to reduce emissions from diesel engines.

Do BS6 heavy duty vehicles require a new generation oil as well?

Yes, they do. The Divyol Disol LXV 15W40 CK-4 is the perfect solution to the needs of a BS6 compliant engine as it has a low Sulphated ash, Phosphorus and Sulfur. The decrease in the content of these chemicals is necessary for the protection of the after treatment devices and well-regulated emission control.

The Divyol Disol LXV 15W40 CK-4 also ensures:

  • Higher oxidative/thermal stability required due to higher engine operating temperature
  • Excellent shear stability due to higher engine load and pressure on lubricants
  • Outstanding soot handling capability
  • Excellent protection against wear & tear of engine components


Whether you use a two wheeler or a heavy duty vehicle, your automobile must give you optimum results. With the new BS6 regulations, your vehicle’s performance need not suffer. Opt for Divyol Spin 4T SYNTH 10W50 for two wheelers and the Divyol Disol LXV 15W40 CK-4 for heavy duty vehicles, for hindrance-free rides.

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