Industrial Oils

Providing the


for healthy

thriving industries

Providing the lifeblood for healthy,

thriving industries

Providing the lifeblood for healthy, thriving industries

Hydraulic Oils

lightening the load for
heavy-duty performers
lightening the load for heavy-duty performers
Divyol hydraulic oils are designed for the most demanding applications. By offering excellent oxidation and thermal stability, corrosion resistance, and foam resistance, these oils significantly extend equipment life.

Premium Hydraulic Oils

Worry-free operations
We offer pure mineral oils for lubrication of systems operating at moderate temperatures, as well as advanced high-tech oils for more demanding operating conditions. These oils ensure smooth and worry-free operations involving bearings, gears, and other moving parts.

General Purpose Machinery Oils

The all-rounders of choice

Divyol Lub oils comprise specially selected mineral oils. These oils are used by the industry with profit for once-thru all-loss lubrication systems. These are invariably used in enclosed systems where the use of high-grade products is not desired because of copious leakage from oil seals and the consequent heavy makeup.

Machine Tools Way Lube Oils

Formulated for
exceptional lubrication
Formulated for exceptional lubrication

Our way lube oils have been formulated to ensure better lubrication for moving machine parts. Fortified with mild extreme pressure and rust-prevention properties, these oils perfectly serve as hydraulic media.

Compressor Oils

Keeping heat and friction at a minimum

Divyol compressor oils are designed to reduce heat and friction in rotary screw and reciprocating compressors. Ideal for hydraulic, air, and gas compressors of various sizes and configurations, these oils can perform over a range of operating conditions, including refrigeration applications.

Turbine Oils

Helping turbines
run like clockwork
Helping turbines run like clockwork

Divyol turbine oils are designed to meet the lubrication requirements of steam, gas, and water turbines over a wide range of operating conditions.

Industrial Gearbox Oil

Gearing up for the
toughest challenges
Gearing up for the toughest challenges

While contemporary gear boxes are light and compact, they are often challenged under severe operating conditions. Divyol industrial gear oils contain high-grade base fluids and special additives to help such gear boxes perform with minimal stress and maximum efficiency.

Quenching Oils

Enhancing the mettle
of metal
Enhancing the mettle of metal

These oils are used to control quenching of metals to increase their hardness, ductility, and strength while ensuring that surfaces are clean and free from spots and patches. Divyol quenching oils deliver metallurgical results in compliance with industry-specific health, safety, and environment standards.

Metal Working Fluids

Partnering tools
for better results
Partnering tools for better results

These oils protect tools at high temperatures during metalworking. They make for a dependable, stable performance, ensuring quality surface finishes, rust protection, and consistent productivity.

Heat Transfer Fluid

Keeping temperatures
Keeping temperatures down

Divyol Heat Transfer Fluids are manufactured from purified paraffinic oils having a high viscosity index. These base stocks have exceptional oxidation stability and are ideal for blending of heat transfer oils owing to their high thermal conductivity.

Refrigeration Oil

The cool favourite

Divyol Frizol is manufactured from specially selected base stock to ensure low pour-point, dryness, good chemical stability, and ready solubility in liquefied refrigerants. Frizol offers high fluidity at very low temperatures and minimises foaming and the formation of deposits.

Rust Preventives

Better protection for
better performance
Better protection for better performance

Divyol De-Watering Rust Protectives are non-asphaltic products consisting of film forming agents and rust inhibitors in a suitable hydrocarbon carrier. These can be applied cold by dip, brush, swab, or spray, and are used to protect machined auto parts, tubes, sheets, etc.
Divyol Anti-Rust Oil based is a low-viscosity, light-duty protective used to protect highly-finished precision parts, including ball bearings.

Spark Erosion Oils

Refined to meet
the standard
Refined to meet the standard

Divyol Spark Erosion Oils are highly refined mineral oils with a narrow boiling range. They’re manufactured to meet the di-electric strength requirements of their end use.

Sugar Lubes/Metal Drawing Compound

Ensure harvesting
without a hitch
Ensure harvesting without a hitch

These lubricants ensure that machinery employed by the sugar industry operates smoothly and efficiently, especially during the harvest season when workloads are heavy and environmental conditions could be hot and humid. The lubes extend the life of mill brasses, gearboxes, turbines, and bearings while reducing maintenance checks.

Textile Machinery Lubricants

Lubricating the
production process
Lubricating the production process

Textile Oils: Across-the-board performance
We offer a range of textile lubricants that ensure smooth operations all along the textile production line, from spinning to knitting, weaving, and finishing. All machinery and moving components, including stenter frames, are lubricated to perform without a hitch.

Loom Oils: Groomed for the loom
Divyol loom oils comprise a range of lubricants designed exclusively for textile looms. As these oils have adequate film forming properties, they provide better lubrication in all-loss systems.

Knitting Oils: Lubrication combined with protection
These oils are manufactured from a combination of high-quality HVI solvent-extracted dual hydrogenated paraffin base oils that have good lubricity and oxidation stability and offer good protection against rust. These oils can be removed without the use of commercial washing liquors or caustic cleaning agents.

Spindle Oils: The lightweight champion
Divyol Spindle Oils are been developed to meet the requirements of high-speed spindles of machine tools, plain and anti-friction bearings of textile spindles, and other hydraulic applications of precision machines where a light-bodied oil is needed.

Open Gear/Wire Drawing Compound

Geared up to perform

Divyol Open Gear Compound R1 is used in applications where gear loading is light, and linear speeds are high. Divyol Open Gear Compound R2 is recommended for moderately fast moving gears where pans are provided for splashing the lubricants onto the gear teeth. Divyol Open Gear Compound R3 is a highly viscous lubricant which has to be heated for ease of application.

Cylinder Oils

The dream oil for
steam engines
The dream oil for steam engines

Divyol Cylinder Oil 460 is normally recommended for condensing type of steam engines using low temperature steam. Divyol Cylinder Oil 680 is recommended for steam engines using mildly superheated steam and where the steam condensate has to be reused. Divyol Cylinder Oil EP 460 is normally recommended for non-condensing type of steam engines using wet steam. Divyol Cylinder Oil EP 680 is the cylinder lubricant recommended for steam engines using saturated steam where the steam condensate is not reused or used in-process.

Marine Engine Oils

Smooth sailing all the way

These marine oils ensure that engines powering international and domestic trading vessels run reliably and efficiently. The oils are compliant with contemporary environmental stipulations with regard to oils for low- and medium-RPM engines.

Pneumatic Tool Oils

Stability and protection
Stability and protection assured

Divyol Air Drill Oils are formulated to obtain good chemical stability in order to prevent oxidation and the formation of deposits. They have a low pour-point for easy flow and a high film strength for protection against wear.

Stationery Gas Engine Oils

Revolutionising recycling

These lubricants are for large, stationary internal combustion engines. Such engines are widely used as generators of electricity in waste recycling operations at landfills, wastewater treatment plants, and agricultural applications.

Stability and protection

Specialty Oils

Dispersing, degreasing, cleaning

In addition to the wide range of regular and premium industrial oils Divyol markets a variety of specialty oils such as: dispersants, water and hydrocarbon based cleaning fluids, and flushing oils.

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