Spindle Oil

Industrial Oil Manufacturer

Industrial Oil Manufacturer Spindle oils lubricate a sewing machine’s spindle. Additionally, they can also keep gears from wearing down over time. Gandhar Oil is among the best known spindle oil manufacturers in India. Under our flagship brand name Divyol, we offer premium quality lubricating oils specially formulated for high speed spindles. These oils are recommended […]

Ink Oil

Industrial Oil Manufacturer

Industrial Oil Manufacturer Ink oil is a type of oil used in some types of ink. It is usually made from petroleum or mineral oil. Ink oil is a highly refined hydrocarbon solvent with a unique distillation range. Gandhar Oil Refinery, a broadly recognized name among ink oil manufacturers, offers these products under our flagship […]

Knitting Oil

Industrial Oil Manufacturer

Industrial Oil Manufacturer The textile industry consists of multiple huge pieces of machinery used to knit together different articles. There are multiple moving parts, and they undergo constant wear and tear. Knitting oil is important for such types of machinery to work optimally. The Divyol range of knitting machine lubricating oil is formulated to provide […]

Cleaning Neat Oil

Automotive Oil

Industrial Oil Manufacturer Mineral or vegetable oils that have not been diluted with water are combined with certain additives to create neat oils, sometimes referred to as neat cutting or straight oils. They are especially helpful for minimizing frictional heat when a machine tool is processing a workpiece because of their outstanding lubricating and cooling […]

Cleaning Soluble

Automotive Oil

Industrial Oil Manufacturer Many of us are attempting to live sustainably and with less waste. You can accomplish this using soluble cleaning products, especially if they have an eco-friendly recipe. As a globally renowned cleaning soluble manufacturer, Gandhar Oil brings quality products under our flagship brand name Divyol. Divyol Cleaning Soluble Oils DG and DH […]

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Automotive Oil

Automotive Oil DEF reduces the air pollution a diesel engine causes. DEF is usually a careful mixture of urea and deionized water into the diesel exhaust fluid, which breaks down the created NOx into safe nitrogen and water molecules. As seasoned diesel exhaust fluid manufacturers, Gandhar Oil brings the Divyol Ecoblue under our flagship brand, […]

Outboard Motor Oil

Automotive Oil

Automotive Oil Outboard motor oil is a special type of oil that is designed specifically for use in outboard motors. It’s important to use the right type of oil in your outboard motor because using the wrong type of oil can cause serious damage to your engine. In the oils and lubricants industry, Gandhar Oil […]

Agricultural Oil

Automotive Oil

Automotive Oil Agriculture oil is a useful additive for insecticides since it helps improve their effectiveness. Gandhar, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, is one of the biggest agriculture oil suppliers in the world. Our agriculture oil is suggested for usage to control pests and other insect-caused diseases in orchards like the SanJose scales. Agriculture oil […]

CNG Engine Oil

Automotive Oil

Automotive Oil CNG oil is important for all CNG-operated vehicles as it keeps the engine from wearing down in less time. Gandhar Oil manufactures the Divyol ENVO range, a high-quality CNG engine oil range for various automobiles. Engine oil for CNG cars and other automobiles keeps pollutants out of the engine valves and ensures the […]

Three Wheeler Grease


Automotive Oil Gandhar Oil, a three wheeler grease company, has been in the industry since 1993 and has provided product satisfaction to its customers with its flagship range of products. The Divyol product range (Divyol Auto grease) of three wheeler grease is necessary for all vehicles to function at our optimum level. Grease is important […]