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How to maintain agricultural machinery?

Farm machinery is expensive and the breakdowns are often just as costly when it comes to the repairs. Untimely breakdowns can also affect your productivity and income as these could result in one being unable to bring in the harvest on time. This makes it essential to do proper maintenance on agricultural machinery. Using the best engine oil  allows controlled and slower wear and tear of your machinery, but there are many things that can come in handy!

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Lack of maintenance also raises another issue, that of safety. Farm machinery often weighs a ton, is bulky & big, and any observed carelessness can result in property damage and operator injuries. A well maintained machine will always have a much lower chance of breaking down & pose much less of a risk to those working with them. Furthermore, if and when time permits, a prim & proper machine shall also provide you a better resale value.  

So, let’s dive into things you must take into consideration (other than using the best engine oil) when taking care of your machine! Here are a few tips: 

Not the most obvious: Get good operators aboard! 


Your designated operator can really determine a lot about your machinery, how well it is maintained & how long it might last. An effective, well educated operator will not only comprehend the need for property maintenance, but also ensure they don’t miss out on routine checks and servicing. Moreover, the more a person knows about the technicalities within their field, the easier it will be for them to handle any arising issues. A knowledgeable person understands the problem & only then seeks an answer. There is no assumption involved, but  step-by-step protocols. 

Keep machinery manuals at disposal

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It isn’t the easiest task to find yourself a knowledgeable operator many times. What can be done then? An excellent tip and smart move to play by is to keep the manuals and guides around. Bonus points to you if you can simplify these so that any layman can read it too. 

Lubricate Your Machinery

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All moving parts of your agricultural machinery MUST be lubricated from time-to-time! Moving parts are like joints, they require care. Lubricants do the job of providing for the care. They reduce friction and bring down the rate of wear and tear of your vehicle’s parts. This enhances the efficiency of machinery and its parts. However, just any lubricant won’t bring the results a good quality, high grade lubricant will. Using a superior lubricant will give you results that aren’t missable. Only thing to remember is that you should clear up any old buildup before adding new lubricant, in order to avail maximum benefit. 

Be Familiar with Signs of Wear and Damage

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As we mentioned before, accurate solutions are derived only when the precise problem is recognised. Train others & most importantly, yourself, in such a way that a general familiarity is observed w.r.t. to signs of an upcoming breakdown or damage. Long story short – know your machine well enough. Always keep an eye out for leaks and prick your ears for any kind of new sounds. Excessive heating, vibrations, jerks are other things you should be vary of.

Schedule regular maintenance

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Farm life is a busy one. Not just that, it is also very taxing in nature. Saturation and fatigue can bring down the strongest of people and in such conditions it is very normal to forget when your machine is due for a service or for repairs.  Create a schedule of the time and ensure you stick to it. Do weekly or fortnightly checks, record your previous repairs and conclusions, and be consistent in doing so. A problem caught early on can save you a lot of money. 

Last, but definitely not least, use the best engine oil  for your equipment. Read up on your machine’s requirements and find the right fit. A good engine oil can save you trouble you might not even think of. The right engine oil acts like holy grail when it comes to vehicle maintenance. So make sure you only use the best and save your vehicle from overheating, overworking, and aging before time!